Culture Centre of the city of Novi Sad 25/26-01-2022

The first HANNAH training seminar organised and led by the Terraforming organisation took place in the Culture Centre of the city of Novi Sad 25.01. and 26.01.2022. was intended to inform and educate about the long history of Jewish communities, and to raise awareness against antisemitism through training and education of school teachers, librarians, archivists, museum curators and policymakers.

After the seminar the participants filled out the question survey, their answers varied such as: great opportunity to learn from renowned international experts, personal interest such as making new contacts, gaining new experiences and knowledge, preparation for the memorial days, enrichment and improvement of teaching tools and combat racist and antisemitic narratives in the classroom. They were also asked to answer questions regarding their professional profile. The educators, through their participation in Hannah training programs on teaching about the Holocaust and combatting antisemitism, seek to deepen their knowledge on these important issues.