Antisemitism and the Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories

Dr Kon on Stake

The centuries-old stereotype that Jews spread the disease was reactivated during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Predrag Kon is head of the Health-crisis Team of the Republic of Serbia in charge of efforts against the Kovid-19 pandemics. Dr. Predrag Kon is Jewish. In November 2020, a graffiti “Dr. Kon on a stake!” with the crossed-out Star of David appeared in Novi Sad. The abbreviation “Dr” was under quotation marks to indicate sarcasm, alluding that Dr. Kon is not a “real doctor.”

In a separate incident, antisemitic posters appeared on the streets of Belgrade, claiming that the pandemic was just a cover for establishing a “world Jewish government.”

Absolving Nazi collaborator Milan Nedić of responsibility for the crimes

Neo-nazi Novi Sad church 1

Milan Nedić and his puppet government bare no responsibility for the Holocaust in Serbia.” On February 4, 2021, about fifty members of the extreme right-wing organization “Traditionalists” gathered in front of the Serbian Orthodox Assumption Church in Novi Sad, one of the main churches in central Novi Sad, to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Milan Nedić – the quisling prime minister during the Nazi occupation in Serbia. The organizers promoted the event on social networks as an “anti-communist event,” and an answer to an anti-fascist rally organized in Novi Sad the same day. They lit candles and sang nationalist songs. Many wore facial masks with the so-called “Celtic cross,” known as a neo-nazi symbol. Police were present in large numbers, and prohibited the group from marching