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The HANNAH project focuses on the promotion of Jewish history, the enhancement of Shoah remembrance and the fight against Antisemitism through capacity-building training, awareness raising and policymaking contribution.

HANNAH is expected to bring about enhanced knowledge, new forms of remembrance and increased awareness as regards antisemitism, develop innovative tools against it, and contribute to combating it through capacity-building, awareness raising and policymaking.

HANNAH brings together 6 partners from Germany, Poland, Greece and Serbia. HANNAH is co-funded by the Rights, Equality, Citizenship Program of the European Union (Agreement Number 963769-REC-RRAC-RACI-AG-2020) for a duration of two years (from 01/12/2020 to 30/11/2022).

Goals of the education program

With our educational program we aim to increase knowledge and awareness regarding antisemitism among the general population and, in particular, schoolteachers, librarians, archivists, young people and policy makers. With our education program, we aim to promote a better understanding of Jewish history and the contribution of Jewish people in Dresden, Hamburg, Athens, Novi Sad and Krakow before and after the Shoah. We also aim to prevent the perpetual dissemination of antisemitic myths.

Training seminars

 “Challenging and Debunking Antisemitic Myths in Europe: The Jewish Communities of Greece, Germany, Poland, Serbia”.

16 HANNAH multi-day face-to-face seminars – 4 in each country – will enhance knowledge on local Jewish history and the Shoah, and increase awareness for antisemitism, develop innovative tools against antisemitism, and contribute to combating it through capacity-building, awareness raising and policymaking.

During these seminars, a total of 400 participants from four countries will explore the Jewish history of their country, and work in groups to employ effective methods for challenging and debunking antisemitic myths. Experts from the partner organizations will provide lectures on the Jewish communities in their country, thus providing the participants a unique insight into European Jewish history: The HANNAH Curriculum focuses on the history of five European Jewish communities (Dresden, Hamburg, Novi Sad, Krakow and Athens), on antisemitism in both past and present, and on local contexts of the Shoah. Our goal is to promote democratic education and to combat antisemitism.

Who can apply? Where do the seminars take place?

For each seminar, we invite up to 25 participants.

Primary target group: school teachers, librarians and archivists

Multipliers from the fields of education, media, and politics are also encouraged to apply.

Future seminars

For updates on future seminars, please stay tuned by following and our project Facebook page: Our newsletters are published regularly on both platforms.

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