Antisemitic Graffiti In Novi Sad

Antisemitic graffiti Novi Sad 1

In December 2020, in Novi Sad, a billboard showing an image of the Novi Sad synagogue was vandalised with graffiti “Judenfrei” and a crossed-out Star of David.
The City authorities reacted swiftly, and the graffiti was painted over the same day. Two months later, in January 2021, just a day before the International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration, the same billboard was targeted again with antisemitic graffiti. This time the offender(s) painted a crossed-out Star of David, the “Celtic Cross,” and the abbreviation “SS” (SS refers to the Nazi military units Schutzstaffel.) The authorities painted over these symbols promptly, too.

Burning Of A Jewish Effigy In Wroclaw


This antisemitic event took place in the market square of Wroclaw in 2016, during a protest by the far-right and nationalist organization NOP (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski – National Rebirth of Poland).. The protest was targeted against the flow of refugees from the Middle East into the European Union. The main organizer of the protest, Piotr Rybak, claimed the whole “process of accepting Islamists to Europe” is financed by George Soros. Since the aforementioned alleged financier has Jewish roots, the puppet set on fire served as a stereotypical representation of a Jew.

Trivializing Antisemitism


“Hitler and the Nazis are just one bird shit in over 1,000 years of successful German history.” (Alexander Gauland, AFD)
“All we need is a 180-degree turn in the politics of memory.” (Björn Höcke, AFD)

The 2019 Halle Synagogue Attack


The German far-right extremist Stephan Balliet (born in 1992) who perpetrated the terrorist attack on the synagogue in Halle (Saale) and murdered and injured several bystanders, believed in an antisemitic version of the narrative of the “Great Replacement”. For him the Jews are the driving force behind the mass-migration of Muslims and black people to Europe and North America that are allegedly replacing the white people and perpetrating a “genocide on the white race”.

The Neonazi Party “Golden Dawn” And Konstantinos Plevris’ Antisemitic Book


“The Führer of the German Reich, the visionary of New Europe, together with Eva Braun, committed suicide at 15:30 on April 30, 1945. On this very day, thirty-eight years later, we, the Greek national-socialists will stand straight, profering the eternal greeting and keep a minute’s silence. In our hearts the faith in Führer’s words will flare up and within one or two generations justice will be rendered. In our hearts the faith in victory is festering. The victory will be ours. This victory will mark the national-socialist cosmogony as well as the crash of the poisoner of all peoples, the international Judaism. The fight goes on, the future is ours.”