Educational Material

The HANNAH training material includes PowerPoint Presentations and Activity Sheets (included in the Curriculum) which are available in English, German, Greek, Polish, and Serbian with the aim of supporting the educators and school teachers on delivering their lessons/classes on the following topics more interactively. The PowerPoint Presentations include the following modules and parts of modules:


Module 1: The Jewish Communities of Europe

Part A: Jews in Poland, Jews in Serbia/Jews in Hamburg-Germany/Jews in Dresden-Germany/Jews in Greece (short version)

Part B: History and Traditions of the Jewish Community in Greece/Germany/Poland/ and Serbia (longer version)

Module 2: The Use of Oral Testimony when Teaching about Antisemitism and the Shoah in Europe

Module 3: Aspects of Modern Antisemitism

Part A: Modern and Contemporary Antisemitism in Germany/Poland/Serbia/Greece (short version)

Part B: Antisemitism in Greece, West Germany, GDR, Poland, and Serbia (longer version)

Module 4: Antisemitism: Lessons for Today

Module 5: Jews in Nazi occupied Europe

Part A: European Cities in the Midst of the Shoah (Hamburg/Dresden/Athens/Krakow)

Part B: Jews in Germany (1933-1945)/Jews in Greece, 1941-1944 / Jews in Poland, 1939-1945 / Jews in Serbia, 1941-1944

Module 6: Teaching about Antisemitism through the Arts (Workshop)

Please follow the instructions of the Curriculum in order to use the training material appropriately

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