Youth Competition

The HANNAH consortium welcomed creative entries for its youth competition under the theme “My town’s Jewish history – a digital storytelling competition”. Students were invited to submit a short documentary film or art piece exploring this topic. More on the competition guidelines can be found here.

Many excellent student projects from Greece, Poland, Germany and Serbia were submitted. From these, the following stood out to our jury as particularly well-done:


First places:
Antonia and Kornelia Bryja – “Jewish Cemetery in Kalisz”
Sylwia Staniewska and Joanna Wiertelak – “Jerzy Dorys – photographer of celebrities”

Petros Avramidis, Konstantina – Iliana Gritziou, Olimpia Zerva, Panagiotis Zefkidis, Eleftheria Makri, Marilita Makri, Despina Manta Konstantina Paitari, Elissabeth Petropoulou, Marina Taousanidou, Smaragda Tsotra and Martha – Maria Psila – “Grandes Maisons” à

10th grade religious studies course of Albert-Einstein-Schule Schwalbach/Taunus – Ich bin zuhause, wenn ich in der Synagoge bin. Vom alten Jüdischen Friedhof in Bad Soden zur Westendsynagoge. Schülerinnen und Schüler auf Spurensuche jüdischen Lebens in ihrer Umgebung”


Second places:
Kacper Kurczewski – “City of Forgotten Heroes”
Maciej Kitala – “Lustiger – Będzin”
Daniele Giuli – “Pain of the past – anxiety for the future”
Emilija Pesic- “Ruža Lerinc”


Third places: 

Aneta Święs – “Medallion”
Jan Hyacent – “Goodbye my diary”
Papaoulakis Isidoros – “Time has frozen!”
Iva Rodic – Sećanje na jevrejski Novi Sad (Memorial of The Jewish Novi Sad)


The winning submissions have been screened during the HANNAH project’s final conference in Athens, in November 2022.

We would like to thank all the students and teachers who participated in the competition. 

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