Digital Repository Of Antisemitic Narratives

This digital Repository is a compilation of selected examples of antisemitic narratives collected for educational purposes in the frames of the HANNAH project. Project partners from Germany, Greece, Poland, and Serbia identified the following categories: Old anti-Jewish stereotypes and myths, Far-Right extremism, Islamist extremism, Antisemitism and Israel, Holocaust denial and distortion, Antisemitism in traditional and online media, Contemporary conspiracy theories, Visual representation of Antisemitism, and Antisemitism specific for a particular country, and proposed examples of some of the antisemitic narratives typical for those categories.

It is important to emphasize that this Repository does not represent a collection of “all antisemitic narratives.” Still, the proposed examples show that antisemitism exists today in various European societies despite different historical and social circumstances. Some antisemitic narratives are similar, and some are more specific and local.

The Repository is an add-on that complements other HANNAH educational products in its current format. The Repository invites users to think about specific debunking responses to examples of various antisemitic narratives by proposing a range of possible activities. The idea is that users should focus on their local realities and think about the potential responses aimed to debunk and counter various forms of antisemitism.

Some examples:

Antisemitic Messages Near The Novi Sad Synagogue

Category: Old anti-Jewish stereotypes & myths
Tags: (Jewish Collective), (Jewish Power), (Public Space), (Stereotypes),

Sticker - The Jew holds all the strings

In November 2020, a message reading “The Jew pulls all the strings” was found stuck on the sidewalk near the Novi Sad Synagogue. One of the oldest anti-Jewish myths and stereotypes is the one about “Jewish power” and the “global Jewish conspiracy”. In its contemporary form, this myth represents Jews as a powerful, secret, global group, often referred to as a “Jewish lobby”, that manipulates governments, banks, financial institutions, academia, the media, film and entertainment industry, and other national and international institutions, for malicious purposes of Jewish world domination and control. This anti-Jewish myth has been present as one of the most prominent antisemitic narratives in various forms from the New Testament, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to anti-globalism and various contemporary conspiracy theories.

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Antisemitic Graffiti On Jewish Holy Sites And Memorials

Category: Visual representation of Antisemitism
Tags: (Public Space), (Violence – Vandalism),


The results of acts of vandalism against Jewish sites can be summarized as following: graffiti with religious symbols, swastikas, obscene symbols and desecration of Jewish graves and Holocaust memorials. These attacks take place not just in Athens and in Thessaloniki but all over Greece, which magnifies their implications, considering that only 5 000 Jews live in Greece within a total population of about 10 700 000 people.

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The “Holocaust Promotion Lobby”

Category: Holocaust denial & distortion
Tags: (Holocaust Denial/Distortion),

5. Holocaust Denial

“The Holocaust is an exaggeration, a lie, and/or an invention of the ‘Holocaust Promotion Lobby’.” (Ernst Zündel). Holocaust denial uses different strategies and lines of argumentation. The most extreme strategy is to explicitly deny the fact that the genocide of Jewish people took place. Consequently, it is denied that gas chambers in concentration camps were used to murder people, or it is denied that they were functional or that they even existed. The number of Holocaust victims will be reduced from several million to a few hundred thousand people. And, mortality is exclusively due to malnutrition and diseases.

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Spiegel Cover Portraying German Jews As Eastern European Hasidim

Category: Visual representation of Antisemitism
Tags: (Nationalism - Populism),


Spiegel Cover portraying local German Jews as Eastern European Hasidim. Jews have been an integral part of German society for 1700 years, ‘they are not from an unknown world next door’. To depict German-Jewish history “Der Spiegel” could have portrayed Moses Mendelssohn, Bertha Pappenheim, Walther Rathenau, Max Horckheimer or Rosa Luxemburg. But they chose an image of orthodox Eastern Jews from the poor Scheunenviertel (former Jewish district) in Berlin, familiar from Nazi propaganda.

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