Galicia Jewish Museum, Kraków 20-21 November 2021

The first HANNAH seminar in Poland was held at Galicia Jewish Museum in Kraków on 20-21 November 2021. It was a unique opportunity to work in a group of experienced teachers and educators and discuss the questions of Jewish history and anti-Semitism in four countries, comparing different perspectives and narratives. An extremely vivid and important discussion about identifying and challenging anti-Semitic myths was a highlight of this seminar.


This topic should be continued in order to remove some stereotypes from the Polish society and to straighten history!

In my opinion, the strongest point of the seminar was the opportunity to talk to experts from other countries. Overall, its international dimension was a big plus.

 The seminar was conducted very professionally and the lecturers had a very good contact with the group. Especially valuable for me were the workshops, because they are a source of inspiration and exchange of experience.

 I will definitely use elements of teaching about the Holocaust through art. I have never shown this issue from this side. I will also include materials from other countries

 I will definitely use graphic materials in my work. The seminar participants had many interesting ideas for their use, which inspired me. I think that I will certainly enrich the lessons on anti-Semitism with accounts from other countries.

 The last witnesses of the Holocaust are passing away. Everything must be done to ensure that the memory of them and what they experienced survives.