HANNAH National Conference in Poland: Kraków, 31 July 2022

The national conference held at Galicia Jewish Museum in Kraków, Poland will serve as a platform to discuss two important ways of challenging antisemitic stereotypes and myths. The speakers at the conference will explore the roles of teachers and educators and of local activists in combating antisemitism in their local communities. The final part of the conference will consist of screening the HANNAH documentary.



11:00   Opening of the National Conference

11:30   Panel discussion: Combating Antisemitism Through Education – Presentations by experienced teachers and educators on their teaching methods and local projects

13:00   Lunch break

14:00   Panel discussion: Local Activism and Remembrance Initiatives as a Way of Combating Antisemitism – presentations by local activists and members of local associations dealing with Jewish heritage and remembrance projects in their communities

16:00   Coffee break

16:30   Presentation of the HANNAH project and its results, and introduction about the HANNAH documentary

17:00   Screening of the HANNAH documentary


Follow the Hannah Project and Galicia Jewish Museum’s Education Department Facebook pages for more details, that will be available soon: