Hannah seminar in Bačka Palanka, 29-30 October 2022

Terraforming arranged the seminar in Bačka Palanka in cooperation with Gymnasium “20th October,” while participants from all local schools and cultural institutions were invited. The first day of the seminar consisted of face-to-face presentations and workshops, while the second day was held online.

During the first day, the main lecturers were Nevena Bajalica and Miško Stanišić (founders of Terraforming), while presentations by the HANNAH project partners were filmed in advance. Lecturers also presented the HANNAH project, its different segments, products, and activities.

Participants worked in groups on developing their lesson plans about the identity, culture and history of Jewish people, using relevant historical sources and with the focus on local history.

The second day of the seminar was held online. The participants saw the HANNAH documentaries about Krakow, Hamburg, Dresden and Athens. Working in groups, using the examples in the HANNAH Repository of Antisemitic Narratives, and the knowledge gained during the first day, the participants identified various examples of contemporary antisemitism.