National Conference Greece

We are proudly announcing that a HANNAH National Conference took place in Athens organized by the Jewish Museum of Greece with 60 participants on 25 September 2022. The conference was moderated by Dr Alexandra Patrikiou, historian and HANNAH project manager for JMG.
There was a detailed presentation of the HANNAH project and its educational outputs, such as the training material, the online course, the educational graphic novel, the Digital Repository of Antisemitic Narratives etc. Apart from the project’s presentation, the program included a screening of HANNAH documentary on Athens and the opening of HANNAH exhibition with excerpts from 31 interviews with second-generation Holocaust survivors, which have been conducted by the Jewish Museum of Greece, Jugend & Kulturprojekt e.V., Terraforming, and the Galicia Jewish Museum. A guided tour of the permanent and the temporary JMG exhibition entitled “Stone Paths – Stories Set in Stone: Jewish Inscriptions in Greece” was offered to the participants. This exhibition comprises of a selection of epigraphic items of Jewish interest that are located in Greek territory (Late 4th c. BCE–15th Century). With such an elaborate and rich program, the National Conference in Athens, Greece, aimed primarily to highlight the local historical context and present the results of the HANNAH project, as well as to strengthen the fight against antisemitism.
Participants also had the opportunity to intensively discuss Jewish culture in Athens and Greece as well as ways to combat antisemitism. The participants, the educators even more so, asked for more details on the educational outputs, especially about the online course, the training material and the final conference. They were impressed by the HANNAH exhibition. They were not familiar with the multiplicity and variety of manifestations of antisemitism and the interviews’ quotes sparked a lively discussion.