Antisemitic Graffiti On Jewish Holy Sites And Memorials


The results of acts of vandalism against Jewish sites can be summarized as following: graffiti with religious symbols, swastikas, obscene symbols and desecration of Jewish graves and Holocaust memorials. These attacks take place not just in Athens and in Thessaloniki but all over Greece, which magnifies their implications, considering that only 5 000 Jews live in Greece within a total population of about 10 700 000 people.

Demonizing The Jewish State


During anti-Israel demonstrations in the context of the recent Gaza-crisis, demonstrators shouted the slogan “Kindermörder Israel” (“Child-killer Israel”).
The president of Turkey, popular amongst many Turks in Germany, said in a public broadcast that Israel are such murderous bloodsuckers that they even kill small five- and six-year old children.

Antisemitic Graffiti In Novi Sad

Antisemitic graffiti Novi Sad 1

In December 2020, in Novi Sad, a billboard showing an image of the Novi Sad synagogue was vandalised with graffiti “Judenfrei” and a crossed-out Star of David.
The City authorities reacted swiftly, and the graffiti was painted over the same day. Two months later, in January 2021, just a day before the International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration, the same billboard was targeted again with antisemitic graffiti. This time the offender(s) painted a crossed-out Star of David, the “Celtic Cross,” and the abbreviation “SS” (SS refers to the Nazi military units Schutzstaffel.) The authorities painted over these symbols promptly, too.

The Neonazi Party “Golden Dawn” And Konstantinos Plevris’ Antisemitic Book


“The Führer of the German Reich, the visionary of New Europe, together with Eva Braun, committed suicide at 15:30 on April 30, 1945. On this very day, thirty-eight years later, we, the Greek national-socialists will stand straight, profering the eternal greeting and keep a minute’s silence. In our hearts the faith in Führer’s words will flare up and within one or two generations justice will be rendered. In our hearts the faith in victory is festering. The victory will be ours. This victory will mark the national-socialist cosmogony as well as the crash of the poisoner of all peoples, the international Judaism. The fight goes on, the future is ours.”

Antisemitic Messages Near The Novi Sad Synagogue

Sticker - The Jew holds all the strings

In November 2020, a message reading “The Jew pulls all the strings” was found stuck on the sidewalk near the Novi Sad Synagogue. One of the oldest anti-Jewish myths and stereotypes is the one about “Jewish power” and the “global Jewish conspiracy”. In its contemporary form, this myth represents Jews as a powerful, secret, global group, often referred to as a “Jewish lobby”, that manipulates governments, banks, financial institutions, academia, the media, film and entertainment industry, and other national and international institutions, for malicious purposes of Jewish world domination and control. This anti-Jewish myth has been present as one of the most prominent antisemitic narratives in various forms from the New Testament, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to anti-globalism and various contemporary conspiracy theories.

Divided In Blood


“His blood on us and on our children” (Matthew 27:24-25). Christianity appeared in Poland during the 10th century, and began to hugely impact Polish culture, customs and society. One of the first myths to emerge at the junction of Christianity and Judaism was the use of the biblical story about the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. The claim was coined that “the Jews have the blood of Jesus on their hands” because it was the representatives of the priests and the Sanhedrin (the highest Jewish religious and judicial institution in ancient Judea) who were responsible for sentencing Jesus to death. In the Middle Ages, there was a conviction that Jews were outlawed because of killing the Messiah. Traces of such thinking can still be found today.