Antisemitic graffiti on the “Visit Novi Sad” builboard

Antisemitic graffiti Novi Sad 1

In December 2020, in Novi Sad, an unknown person or a group painted a graffiti “Judenfrei” and a crossed-out Star of David on the billboard with a picture of the Novi Sad synagogue. The City authorities reacted swiftly, and the graffiti was painted over the same day. Two months later, in January 2021, just a day before the International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration, the same billboard was targeted again with antisemitic graffiti. This time the offender(s) painted a crossed-out Star of David, the “Celtic Cross,” and the abbreviation “SS” (SS refers to the Nazi military units Schutzstaffel.) The authorities painted over these symbols promptly, too.

Antisemitic stickers near the Novi Sad synagogue

Sticker - The Jew holds all the strings

In November 2020, a sticker “The Jew holds all the strings” was found on the sidewalk near the Novi Sad Synagogue.