Facebook Group


Hannah: Challenging & Debunking Antisemitic Myths Facebook Group was created to promote the content of the Hannah project, exchange views with educators, multipliers, archivists, librarians on important topics, as well as a support group on the Hannah course and a place where we can hear feedback on our seminars, conferences, course and digital tools.

We would like to introduce you to the results of the Hannah: Challenging & Debunking Antisemitic Myths project and to hear your opinions and views on them. As this is a project of Greece, Germany, Poland and Serbia, you will have the opportunity to hear oral testimonies from these countries, to see how and to what extent antisemitism manifests itself in these countries. Through short documentaries you will have the opportunity to learn something about Jewish communities in all 4 countries (cities) and to be motivated by a personal story from your locality to, together with students, explore and make your own educational graphic novel. In addition to all this, the group will inform you about national conferences and training seminars that we organize in partner countries, an online course that is open and the Youth competition, about which we will soon inform you more.


The group is intended to exchange views and experiences on Holocaust and antisemitism education. For example: Did you write a lesson plan, would you like to share? Did you do a project with your class or your institution on combatting antisemitism? Do you want to get in touch with multipliers from Serbia, Germany, Greece or Poland? Or what are your challenges in teaching and informing about antisemitism? How do children react to the informations about Holocaust and antisemitism? Are they aware of what it is and to what extent it exists today? Also, we would like to hear what are your experiences in using graphic novels you created in education. Feel free to share your experiences and opinions, ask questions, seek advice, and perhaps achieve international cooperation with someone from the group through a project with a similar theme.

We want you to give us feedback in the group on our project results, especially on the training seminars and Hannah online course (MOOC). This group is also a kind of support group where you can express all the problems and difficulties you encounter (including technical) using our tools and programs.

Join our group to be better and more effective in the fight against antisemitism and in the fight against denial, distortions and manipulation of the Holocaust and the culture of remembrance.