Absolving Nazi Collaborator Milan Nedić Of War Crimes

Neo-nazi Novi Sad church 1

“Milan Nedić and his puppet government bare no responsibility for the Holocaust in Serbia.”. On February 4, 2021, about fifty members of the extreme right-wing organization “Traditionalists” gathered in front of the Serbian Orthodox Assumption Church in Novi Sad, one of the main churches in the city centre, to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Milan Nedić − the quisling prime minister during the Nazi occupation of Serbia.

The Polish Historian Who Denies History


Dr. Ewa Kurek lectures: “Jews may have viewed the ghetto as an opportunity to gain autonomy from Poles.” [On the allegedly good situation of Jews in ghettos in occupied Poland]. “We need to know whether 1,600 people were actually murdered there or 16. This is the basis from which we can reconstruct what actually happened.”

The “Holocaust Promotion Lobby”

5. Holocaust Denial

“The Holocaust is an exaggeration, a lie, and/or an invention of the ‘Holocaust Promotion Lobby’.” (Ernst Zündel). Holocaust denial uses different strategies and lines of argumentation. The most extreme strategy is to explicitly deny the fact that the genocide of Jewish people took place. Consequently, it is denied that gas chambers in concentration camps were used to murder people, or it is denied that they were functional or that they even existed. The number of Holocaust victims will be reduced from several million to a few hundred thousand people. And, mortality is exclusively due to malnutrition and diseases.

Dismissing The Truth Of The Nazi Concentration Camps


With the help of pseudo-scientific expert opinions, the feasibility of mass murder in Nazi concentration camps is doubted. Holocaust deniers argue, for example, that no residues of poison gas were found in the gas chambers or that the crematoria in Auschwitz were far too small for mass cremation of corpses. Holocaust deniers like David Irving argue that there is no proof for gas chambers in Auschwitz.

Distorting The Holocaust


Anti-semitic caricatures in left-wing and traditional media compare Israeli politics with Nazi ideologies and the Shoah. In the first caricature, which is most representative of the trend of the left-wing press upon resurgence of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israel’s interests are compared with Nazi crimes and Israeli citizens with neo-Nazis. The Gaza Strip is portrayed as a concentration camp surrounded by barbed wire. Since the Gaza Strip is populated solely by Palestinians, the imprisoned person in the caricature can be assumed to be a Palestinian. At the same time, the striped uniform with the map of the Gaza Strip upon it directly compares the situation of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to the situation of the Jews during the Holocaust and their stigmatisation with the Star of David.