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Dismissing The Truth Of The Nazi Concentration Camps

With the help of pseudo-scientific expert opinions, the feasibility of mass murder in Nazi concentration camps is doubted. Holocaust deniers argue, for example, that no residues of poison gas were found in the gas chambers or that the crematoria in Auschwitz were far too small for mass cremation of corpses. Holocaust deniers like David Irving argue that there is no proof for gas chambers in Auschwitz.

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Most Holocaust deniers argue that the Holocaust is a myth or a fabrication in favor of Jewish interests and often purport a Jewish conspiracy to create a false narrative about the six million murdered Jews. This goes hand in hand with antisemitic theories of Jewish world domination and the exculpation of Nazi crimes against humanity directed against the Jews and other minorities.

This narrative perpetuates the idea of Jewish conspiracies and denies historical truths that are taught throughout the world as part of Holocaust education directed against antisemitism and racism.

Many Jews have lost relatives in the Holocaust whose dignity is thus denied. Jewish people are stigmatized and put in the context of a conspiracy to falsify history. Jewish communities are accused of “profiteering” from lies about the Holocaust and therefore their demands for equal treatment are delegitimized. This undermines civic and democratic norms. Nazi crimes are denied, perpetrators are declared victims, and victimhood denied. Believers in this kind of conspiracy theory are lost for civic debates about history and what to learn from it.

It can safely be argued that the Holocaust, the planned systemic extermination of Europe’s Jewish population by the Nazi regime, with the help of gas chambers in Auschwitz and other extermination camps, has been proven not only by the work of historians, but also in front of an independent court in the United Kingdom, which showed that the denialist Irving had deliberately falsified evidence.

References (web archive file with the text of the trial of Holocaust denier David Irving)


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