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The “Holocaust Promotion Lobby”

The Holocaust is an exaggeration, a lie, and/or an invention of the ‘Holocaust Promotion Lobby’. (Ernst Zündel)

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Holocaust denial uses different strategies and lines of argumentation. The most extreme strategy is to explicitly deny the fact that the genocide of Jewish people took place. Consequently, it is denied that gas chambers in concentration camps were used to murder people, or it is denied that they were functional or that they even existed. The number of Holocaust victims will be reduced from several million to a few hundred thousand people. And, mortality is exclusively due to malnutrition and diseases. Furthermore, it is fundamentally denied that the National Socialist leadership had or implemented plans for genocide. Holocaust deniers are essentially pursuing two different goals: Germany should be freed from the guilt of crimes committed during the Third Reich, and Nazi rule should be played down. Holocaust deniers try to present their assertions as serious research.

The Holocaust is one of the best-researched and documented events in history. A myriad of pictures, documents (Jäger report, Gerstein report, Höfle Telegram, Katzmann report, Korherr report, Einsatzgruppen reports, documents on the organization and implementation of the Final Solution of the Jewish Question, Wannsee protocol…), tens of thousands of oral testimonies (Shoah Archive, Fortunoff Archive, Boder Archive, Centropa Archive…) and professional academic literature irrevocably prove the mass murder of the European Jews.

In Germany, according to Section 130 (3) of the Criminal Code, it is forbidden to publicly approve, play down or deny the National Socialist genocide of European Jews, and violations of this law should immediately be reported. Awareness raising and education are key so that young people in particular are not confronted with this propaganda unprepared.


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