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“Jews Seek Global Domination”

Jews are members of a secret global elite that aims at achieving world domination

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Two common contemporary conspiracy theories serve this stereotype:

1) ZOG/ Zionist Occupied Government is an antisemitic political catchphrase of the extreme right that denotes a government that is supposedly ruled by Jews. The term takes up the old conspiracy ideology of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” that wealthy Jews would conspire to establish a world government.

2) NWO (New World Order) is a widely-used conspiracy theory, which became popular in the 20th century. The term refers to a small, powerful group using the global stage to create an almighty, totalitarian regime that strips people of their individual liberties and consolidates power at the very top.

The ZOG/ NWO conspiracy theories are closely tied to antisemitic bias, prejudice and stereotypes since they are often accompanied by references to Jewish business/ finance leaders or political officials with an allegedly secret agenda to seek global control.

Following the old (debunked but still widespread) conspiracy theory of the “Protocol of the Elders of Zion”, Jews are believed to have formed a power structure by which they control every aspect of humankind — the economy, the media, and the political landscape. This theory is spread in right-wing extremist and regressive anti-capitalist circles but also by some public individuals like singer/ songwriter Xavier Naidoo.

A satirical confrontation with conspiracy ideologies can be suitable to enlighten third parties in a smart way and to win potential allies. The fundamental authoritarian worldviews and antisemitic elements of conspiracy myths must be resolutely exposed. False information or lies of conspiracy theories must be exposed and refuted with facts.


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