Antisemitism and the Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories

Dr Kon on Stake

The centuries-old stereotype that Jews spread the disease was reactivated during the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Predrag Kon is head of the Health-crisis Team of the Republic of Serbia in charge of efforts against the Kovid-19 pandemics. Dr. Predrag Kon is Jewish. In November 2020, a graffiti “Dr. Kon on a stake!” with the crossed-out Star of David appeared in Novi Sad. The abbreviation “Dr” was under quotation marks to indicate sarcasm, alluding that Dr. Kon is not a “real doctor.”

In a separate incident, antisemitic posters appeared on the streets of Belgrade, claiming that the pandemic was just a cover for establishing a “world Jewish government.”

Antisemitic stickers near the Novi Sad synagogue

Sticker - The Jew holds all the strings

In November 2020, a sticker “The Jew holds all the strings” was found on the sidewalk near the Novi Sad Synagogue.