3rd Hannah Project Seminar in Poland

On 3-4 August, the third Hannah Project seminar took place at the Galicia Jewish Museum, organized as part of a wider teachers training program “Teaching the Holocaust in Context”. . During the course, attended by 20 teachers and educators from all over Poland, the participants were able to learn about the history and destruction of Jewish communities in Serbia, Germany, Greece and Poland, work with oral testimonies from 4 countries and discuss various manifestations of antisemitism.

In the evaluation questionnaires, the participants expressed their approval and satisfaction with the programme and content of the seminar.

“The entirety of the content presented during the seminar is important, while the most useful [for me] will be the questions related to the commemoration of the Holocaust in art – for example, working with the monument from Novi Sad … This part showed the context of the place, and the fact that the Holocaust could happen in various places in the world and affect everyone…”

“Two lectures of great value to me: ‘Aftermath of the Holocaust’, ‘Holocaust denial and its consequences’. They make me realize how important it is nowadays to educate young people about the Holocaust.”

“I gained the ability to analyse the elements of art (e.g. monuments) that are an artistic expression of memory, analyse the narrative of witnesses, I remembered aspects of Jewish culture.”

“First of all, I received a lot of materials (books, brochures, etc.) that I can use in my lessons. The classes also inspired me to study art / sculpture and its significance for commemorating the victims. In addition, I’ve gained additional knowledge that will allow me to counter the arguments of Holocaust deniers.”