2nd HANNAH seminar. Wrocław 9-10 April 2022

The second Hannah Project seminar in Poland took place in Wrocław, on 9-10 April 2022, for a group of 29 Polish teachers and educators. One of the reasons to choose Wrocław was the existence of an active Jewish community in post-war and today’s Wrocław and of local organizations and institutions that teamed with the Galicia Jewish Museum to make this seminar possible – the Bente Kahan Foundation and the Department of Jewish Studies of the local university. The visit at the White Stork Synagogue and Bente Kahan Foundation was an important highlight of this seminar.

This seminar was dedicated mainly for teachers of humanities from both public and private schools, as well as educators, librarians, researchers, NGO workers and archivists. It was intended for participants from Western and South-Western Poland, in particular from Lower Silesia, Upper Silesia and Opole area, but not limited to these regions.

The seminar in Wrocław received very positive feedback from participants. All participants who filled the evaluation survey would recommend this seminar to their colleagues.




“I am convinced that such projects are necessary for teachers, they allow them to be better prepared for difficult lessons in difficult times.”

“I believe that projects promoting mutual tolerance, respect and respect for other people should be promoted and implemented in European countries that have experienced the cruelty of the Holocaust, because we all still have a lot to do and many lessons to learn, regardless of the current political options or social attitudes. Joint and deliberate actions can “move mountains” and restore dignity and respect for another human being.”

“I always value learning history in an authentic place. During this seminar – activities in the synagogue in Wrocław.”

“All the elements were very interesting, the meeting in the White Stork Synagogue was exceptional.”

“Everything made sense and was worth it! I liked the visit at the synagogue and the art lecture the most. Discussions and groups were a good methodological idea.”

“Interesting content, but very valuable and inspiring in itself was just the contact with people involved in building awareness and memory about Jews, their culture and the tragedy of the Holocaust.”