Hannah Hamburg Seminar 13. September and 19.September

Centropa held its last training seminar within the Hannah project: On September 13 and September 19, participants from schools and universities got together to discuss the topic of strengthening the knowledge about the history of the Jewish communities in Germany, Greece, Poland and Serbia. Participants were invited to develop possible applications for their own lessons based on the materials presented (films and presentations)  and discussed the potential of the Hannah Online course (

The Hannah material was combined with also learning more about the  National Socialist tyranny in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg (locations of forced labor in the Hamburg port)

Against the background of the European dimension of the Holocaust, we l also discussed which antisemitic myths and resentments still occur in everyday school life Today, and how they can be effectively countered.


“I learned new things and gathered new ideas on how to talk about prejudice and discrimination in everyday school life”