HANNAH seminar Athens, 5 & 6 May 2022

The fourth HANNAH seminar conducted by JMG took place in Athens on May 5 and 6, 2022. It brought -for the first time in Greece- together librarians and archivists from all over Attica to learn more about the Jewish history of Greece and to inspire teachers to create transnational projects, based on the teaching materials provided by HANNAH.


“The experiential exercise was amazing and very apt. Also, the presentation of the communities of Serbia, Poland, Germany and the information about the extermination of the communities was very insightful.”

“Ms. Kouki’s workshop was extremely useful, since through the group tasks/exchange of views on three true testimonies various positions of the participants were revealed. Also the history and traditions of the Greek Jews (Ms. Vassilikou) as well as antisemitism in Greece (Ms. Patrikiou).”

“The workshop “Lessons for the Present” was quite interesting, as we can now more easily distinguish the effort made by some to trivialise the Holocaust.

“I would enjoy discussing for hours with the lecturers, Dr. Vasilikou and Dr. Patrikiou.”