D1.1 Partnership agreement [Confidential]
D1.2 Interim and final reports [Confidential]
D1.3 Operational workplan [Confidential]
D1.4 Partners’ Internal platform [Confidential]
D1. 5 Project meetings minutes [Confidential]
D1.6 Quality assurance plan [Confidential]
D1.7 Quality assurance reports [Confidential]
D1.8 Risk Management Plan [Confidential]
D1.9 Evaluation Toolkit & Impact methodology [Confidential]
D1.10 Evaluation & Impact assessment reports
D1.11 Privacy Policy & Procedures [Confidential]
D1.12 Open Data procedures and guidelines [Confidential]

D2.1 HANNAH Oral History Interviews material
D2.2 HANNAH Documentary Film
D2.3 Digital Repository of Antisemitic Narratives
D2.4 HANNAH Educational Graphic Novel

D3.1 HANNAH Curriculum
D3.2 HANNAH Curriculum Training Material
D3.3 HANNAH VLE and Online Training Course specifications
D3.4 HANNAH Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
D3.5 HANNAH Online Course
D3.6 HANNAH Online Training Course pilot testing report [Confidential]

D4.1 HANNAH Training Seminars
D4.2 HANNAH Online Training Course delivery
D4.3 HANNAH Oral History Presentations – Installations
D4.4 Screening of HANNAH Documentary
D4.5 HANNAH Youth project Competition Awards

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